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Welcome to the world of customized & tailor-made holidays !


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Travelers nowadays wish to travel with their own group of families or friends. Their travel needs are specific too - from destination, mode of transport, travel time of year to type of accommodation.

TravelTect is your travel partner, helping you plan your dream holiday. We are travel planners and travel consultants help individual/group travelers to plan and book holidays. We plan your hassle free holidays according to your dates, your destination, your group, your budget. If you wish to plan your tours on your own, we can help you out as consultant in that case.

We design every tour according to traveler's needs and add personal touch to give unique traveling experience. 

We help domestic travelers to plan their tour within India as well as out of India. Also, international travelers are our guests often when they visit India. 

Sunrise at Loktak Lake, Manipur

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